The Fred Rogers Company’s First Mobile Series Now Available

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The Fred Rogers Company have partnered to launch an original short-form video series for kids and families.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and The Fred Rogers Company have partnered to launch an original short-form video series for kids and families. Marking its first foray into original programming for mobile, The Fred Rogers Company debuts Through the Woods, a new series of animated shorts on Curious World, HMH’s award-winning mobile platform.

Each episode of Through the Woods follows a young boy named Rider and his beloved dog Wolfie as they venture into their backyard woods in search of adventures. As they meet the animals that live there, they observe, ask questions, and ultimately inspire viewers to make discoveries of their own in their neighborhoods and communities.

A vibrantly-animated new production, Through the Woods nurtures respect for nature and models a variety of essential lessons for kids and families, from the importance of self-guided play and curiosity to the power that loving relationships (with family, friends and pets!) have to support a child’s blooming confidence and sense of self.

“I cannot overstate how thrilled we are to be working with the amazing team at The Fred Rogers Company,” said CJ Kettler, EVP and Chief of Consumer Brands and Strategy, HMH. “Curious World’s philosophy aligns perfectly with The Fred Rogers Company’s commitment to creating kids’ media that families can trust to inspire off-screen learning and support an interest in life science and nature. Our viewers are going to love joining Rider and Wolfie as they explore the natural world.”

“As an innovative, mobile content service, Curious World is ideal for showcasing Rider’s and Wolfie’s outdoor adventures,” said Paul Siefken, President and CEO of The Fred Rogers Company. “Viewers can reenact these familiar and relatable encounters with nature in their own neighborhoods. At the same time, the shorts display key early learning skills like self-regulation, persistence and inquiry – as well as sharing new experiences with loving parents and grandparents. The Fred Rogers Company recognizes that it’s important for positive, developmental content to be everywhere kids and families are today.”

Launched in 2015, Curious World’s mobile platform provides more than 1,200 videos of engaging kids’ content tied to key learning areas – all housed within a safe, trusted digital environment. From iconic HMH characters like Curious George to new friends like Rider and his family in Through the Woods, Curious World curates the best kids’ content, including original IP offerings and licensed programming from leading children’s media production companies, as well as original games and celebrated children’s books that can be accessed by users anytime, anywhere on iPhone, iPad or AppleTV.