Our Board

The Fred Rogers Productions Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance to ensure that the organization fulfills its mission.

Board of Directors’ DEI Statement

We embrace diversity and equity in our organization and on our board. We value a variety of cultures and perspectives that ensure a vibrant and inclusive space to share ideas and build on our commitment to children, families, and communities. We support the creation of programming that has a sense of belonging for all children, where they can see themselves with empathy and compassion for others, exactly as Fred Rogers chose to move through the world.

Board of Directors

Professor Jerlean Daniel

Betty Cruz
Debbie Demchak
Michelle Figlar
William H. Isler
Scott M. Lammie
Anne Lewis
Yvonne Maher
Jeff Mallory
Cooper Munroe
Denielle Pemberton-Heard
Sarah Woodings

Paul Siefken, President
Chris Arnold, Secretary
Lisa Moss, Treasurer