Through The Woods

Through the Woods follows Rider and his dog Wolfie as they explore the kind of “nearby nature” that so many kids can relate to: spider webs, a bunny nest, fireflies and more. In each 3-minute story, the ever-curious Rider wonders about something he has seen or heard in the small woods behind his house, observes an animal or plant to learn more and then shares his discoveries with his Grammie through play.

This preschool series is designed to nurture respect for nature and models essential lessons for kids and families that support a child’s blooming confidence and sense of self.

Fun Program Facts

Follow Rider and his beloved dog Wolfie as they venture into their backyard woods in search of adventures.

Through the Woods nurtures respect for nature.

Through the Woods models a variety of essential lessons for kids and families.

Through the Woods inspires viewers to make discoveries of their own in their neighborhoods.




Fred Rogers Productions partnered with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt to bring Through the Woods to Curious World, HMH’s award-winning, subscription-service mobile platform. The series is our company's first animated, short-form series for mobile devices.

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