"When I was a boy I used to think that strong meant having big muscles, great physical power; but the longer I live, the more I realize that real strength has much more to do with what is not seen. Real strength has to do with helping others."

Remembering Fred Rogers

Fred Rogers prepares for work.
Fred Rogers and his television crew prepare to film a sequence in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe for Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Fred Rogers dedicated his life to serving children. His relentless commitment to all that is best in people led to an astonishing array of honors, from induction into the Television Hall of Fame to The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Fred Rogers was a TV pioneer and a PBS icon. But his impact has gone far beyond the television screen. His legacy is still felt today in the hearts and minds of children, families, and professionals who continue to be nurtured and inspired by his timeless wisdom. On any given week, some reference to “Mister Rogers” or his “Neighborhood” appears in the media.

What has made Fred Rogers’ impact so deep and enduring? For one thing, he developed strong backgrounds in several fields -- Music Composition, TV Production, ministry, and lifelong studies in Child Development. As a gifted communicator, Fred Rogers was able to tie all those elements together. Perhaps his greatest contribution is that he was able to translate complicated child development theories into easy to understand and affirming messages--life lessons that resonate with all of us, young and old.

Now at Fred Rogers Productions, the company that he founded, there’s a rich and tangible legacy in a library of his television programs, books, writings, interviews, and speeches. We are a small group who have worked closely with Fred Rogers over the years, most of us for two and three decades. We’re continuing to expand into new arenas and new technologies, perpetuating the values and philosophy of our founder.

Mister Rogers’ Biography
Fred's Biography

Fred Rogers had decided to become a minister until he saw violence on television and decided to try and take the new media in a different direction.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood
Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood

Mister Rogers creates a calm, safe place for children to learn about themselves, about others, and about the world around them.

Mister Rogers’ Essays on Parenting
Essays on Parenting

Topics excerpted from “The Mister Rogers Parenting Book” the last book Fred Rogers worked on before his death in 2003.

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