Common Sense Media Recognizes Two Shows from The Fred Rogers Company

The photo is split into two photos, horizontally. The top image is a still from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trip. The Tiger Family is sitting around a fire pit, Grand-Pere is in the center, playing a guitar. Mom Tiger is holding Baby Margaret on his left. To his right is Daniel. Dad Tiger is sitting to Daniel's right. The bottom photo is from Odd Tube. Agent Olympia is looking at the camera. A hand-drawn speech bubble is coming from her, with the words "Odd Tube" in it.

The Fred Rogers Company is excited to announce that Common Sense Media has awarded Odd Tube and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trip with the Common Sense Seal for Exceptional TV for Families. The honor recognizes media for families to enjoy together on TV and streaming. 

"It's engaging, humorous, and makes the most of opportunities to drop in some math know-how or illustrate a science concept. Every episode gives kids something to learn, from putting a ruler to good use to the difference between a planet and a moon." - Common Sense Media review of Odd Tube

"This sweet story will ring true with anyone who's attempted traveling with a preschooler in tow, and kids no doubt can commiserate with Daniel's fluctuating emotions over the journey." - Common Sense Media review of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Tiger Family Trip

To learn more about the seal and to see the other honorees, click here.

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