Celebrating the “Mister Rogers Universe”


Celebrate the “Mister Rogers Universe” with us in this joyful rendition of "Won't You Be Our Neighbor?” A Sing-Along with Mister Rogers, Daniel Tiger, and Donkey Hodie"! We've brought together characters from our current PBS KIDS series, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Donkey Hodie, to perform Fred Rogers’ iconic theme song. The video launched on Instagram on August 13, 2023 in recognition of the premiere of Donkey Hodie's second season and new episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. The unique version of the song features warm, playful moments of Fred Rogers singing the theme, assembled from nine episodes of the classic series. The music team created a new arrangement that highlighted a chorus featuring Daniel Tiger, Donkey Hodie, and pals. The performers were excited to have a chance to sing a tune they knew so well from their own childhoods!

We loved hearing from fans on social media and share in their excitement to see these characters come together.

"What a joy to see these characters and stories continue to unfold and reach new generations!"

"Crying my eyes out right now. The gentleness, kindness, and love he [Fred] lived and taught is unmatched."

"Fred would be very proud."

"I actually teared up from this."