"Parents don't come full bloom at the birth of the first baby. In fact, parenting is about growing. It's about our own growing as much as it is about our children's growing and that kind of growing happens little by little."

Parent Resources

Every topic in this section is excerpted from “The Mister Rogers Parenting Book” the last book Fred Rogers worked on before his death in 2003. In this book he wanted to support parents in their most important work of parenting and to help them better understand their young children. As he wrote in the introduction to the book:

“.. if we can bring our children understanding, comfort, and hopefulness when they need this kind of support, then they are more likely to grow into adults who can find these resources within themselves later on.”

Everyday Experiences

Topics include: Making friends, fears, and everyday rules and limits.

First Experiences

Topics include: Adjusting to childcare, going to the doctor, and the new baby.

Special Challenges

Topics include: Adoption, divorce and separation, and dealing with tragic events in the news.

Quote of the month

"When we're taking risks at any time in our lives, trying new things, it certainly helps to know that people who love us will urge us to keep trying, and will also offer a hand, an ear, or even a shoulder to cry on when we feel like giving up.  Maybe, too, they'll help us remember, even as we're disappointed about what we can't do, that there is much we can do."


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