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Hedda SharapanWe all know that it takes a village to raise a child. In last month’s newsletter I gave special thanks to the people who work with infants and toddlers. With the holidays just ahead this month, I want to give a special thanks to everyone and anyone who works with young children, including the people who support them -- the directors and other administrative staff, higher ed professors, resource and referral staff, trainers and other technical support people.

Fred Rogers once wrote, "I know how emotionally draining it can be when we're giving quality care...putting energy into trying to understand each child, while at the same time distancing ourselves so we don't lose sight of what each child needs. And giving our energies to parents, too." 

Whenever I’ve spent a morning in a child care setting, I’m exhausted by noon -- and I’m just observing! Your work as an early childhood educator is not only hard, it’s often thankless. I’ve heard many directors who deeply regret that the pay scale for their staff is incredibly low for the incredibly important work they do. 

So at this holiday time, with all the extra stresses on us – at work and at home, I want to say “thank you” and give you this video gift from Fred Rogers. Even though he was talking to his young viewers, his messages are for all of us, no matter how old we are. In TV Guide’s words, “Fred Rogers makes us, young and old alike, feel safe, cared for and valued.” I hope you’ll feel valued for all that you do with and for children and their families.

Everyone here at The Fred Rogers Company joins me in thanking you. We’re honored to be partners with you in the important work that you’re doing. And we’re sending along our best wishes for the holiday season and the new year ahead.

With respect and admiration for the work you do,

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