Parent Resources - Special Challenges

Some things in life are especially hard to to deal with and especially hard to talk about, for adults as well as for children. It seems that most difficult things have to do with loss. While most often "going away" is followed by "coming back," there are times when it's not, like the death of a loved one or a divorce or a move to a new home. When the loss is permanent, children can feel a lot of anger and sadness about whatever or whomever has been taken away.


Adoption can be difficult to talk about. It involves a child's sense of security in belonging to a family that will always take care of him or her.

Dealing with Death

It’s precisely because children don’t understand what death is about that they need help from loving adults in talking about it.

Divorce and Separation

Divorce is sad and painful. During a separation or divorce, children often feel as if their family is “broken.”

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