Parent Resources - First Experiences

For young children, life is full of new experiences. Some are exciting and scary! It's hard for parents to know what might be difficult for children to handle or how much help they may need. No matter what, everyone likes to be told what to expect when they're facing something new. The help that we give young children early on can influence the way they approach and cope with new situations all their lives.

Adjusting to Child Care

Children feel safe when they are with family or others they know well. So many children have a hard time if and when they start child care.

Going to the Dentist

One of the first ways we human beings learn about the world is through our mouths. In fact, our earliest pleasure comes through our mouths.

Going to the Doctor

As children grow physically, they're also growing in awareness of their own bodies and their ability to remember painful past experiences.

A New Baby

To a firstborn child, a family means three people -- "mommy, daddy, me." When a new baby comes the "old baby" feels pushed out.

Starting Kindergarten

Beginning school can arouse many different feelings. Some children even imagine that being sent to school is a kind of punishment.

Using the Toilet

There's a lot of hard work involved in learning to use the toilet. Children have to learn to control their muscles, to hold on or let go at just the right time.

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