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Day by day, in the secure "nest" of family life, children learn the most essential thing of all - how to live with other people. Daily life requires some structure and routine so that everyone in the family knows what to expect and can move through the day with some comfort and predictability.


Most children don't like to stop doing something fun to get ready for bed. They want to continue being a part of whatever is going on in the family.

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and sisters shape a child's early experiences, almost as much as parents do. Children learn to accept different perspectives and abilities.

Choosing Playthings

Children's play depends on what they're thinking about at that moment. They might try on different roles or work through some of their feelings.


Helping our children feel comfortable with people who have disabilities begins with helping our children feel good about their own uniqueness.

Everyday Rules and Limits

No child is born with self-discipline. Children need parents to feed them and to keep them healthy and safe until they can manage on their own.


Children are most often afraid of things that actually do what they themselves are trying not to do.

Holidays and Birthdays

Some adults create so much excitement about birthdays and holidays that children come to think of them as the most special days of the year.

Learning Readiness

Children are born ready to learn. Right from the start, they begin learning about the world through touch, smell, sounds, sight.

Making Friends

One of life’s joys is the give and take of friendship. It’s a wonderful feeling not only to have a friend, but to know how to be a friend yourself.

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