Spotlight on Julie Soebekti: Senior Producer of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Julie Soebekti is a Senior Producer for 9 Story Media Group, the award-winning animation studio that partners with The Fred Rogers Company. She shares her thoughts and some of the highlights she's experienced as part of the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood team.

How long have you been working on “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?”

I started in the middle of the first season with episode 123a “Dragon Dance” in animation and 139 “Snowflake Day” in script.

How many different jobs do you oversee to make an episode of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?”

As producer, I oversee the whole picture. I work with the director to ensure and maintain the show’s creative vision. I also make sure we stay on schedule and on budget. We have a large crew working on the animation from leica to design to animation to post-production and delivery.

What do you like best about your job?

That every day is a different day and I get to work with some very creative and talented people.

What are your favorite grr-ific moments in producing “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?”

Watching the animators meet the cast at the wrap party. The animators work with their voices every day for months. It’s fun to watch them meet. Mixing the first episode in a new season. After many many months, you see it all come together at the mix. Passing a family on the street as they sing a strategy line together.

Does your team have a favorite supporting character to animate in “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood?”

I can’t say we have a favorite. Prince Wednesday and Miss Elaina are fun to work with. Their characters often get to do some goofy actions and we really get some great moments of childlike wonder with those two.

Is there a favorite Daniel location you and your team like to draw?

O’s and Miss Elaina’s bedroom are a lot of fun to be in. The Enchanted Garden in "Snowflake Day" was also a lot of fun to work with.

What advice would you give someone just starting out in children’s program?

Don’t do it. Kidding. Watch a lot of children’s programming and read lots of childrens books. Take every opportunity to learn from everyone around you. Every person and every interaction has something to offer.



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