Mister Rogers Talks About Starting School

Spotlight on Julie Soebekti: Senior Producer of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Julie Soebekti is a Senior Producer for 9 Story Media Group, the award-winning animation studio that partners with The Fred Rogers Company. She shares her thoughts and some of the highlights she's experienced as part of the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood team.

The Fred Rogers Company Wins Five Emmy Awards

At the 44th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards, our program ODD SQUAD walked away with five gold statues!

Welcome Spring - Mister Rogers Walks His Dog

Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers

Today, March 20, is Fred Rogers' birthday.Here is a video reminding us of the many times he invited us to be his neighbor. 

Happy Birthday, Mister Rogers!

Today, March 20th, is Fred Rogers’ birthday. Here’s a video to remind you of all the times Mister Rogers welcomed us into his Neighborhood.

Mister Rogers Says "Thank You" to Mr. McFeely

A Preview of "Through The Woods"

"Neighbor Day" on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

Olive and Otto in Schumberland - Video Clip

Olive and Otto become an animated part of Olive's favorite comic book on "Odd Squad."

Mister Rogers Talks and Sings About "Many Ways to Say I Love You"

Mister Rogers wrote that song to help children know that loving isn’t just one-sided, from grownups to children, but that children themselves have so many wonderful ways to say “I love you.”  Watch how he talked and sang about that in this Neighborhood video.  It's full of caring messages for Val

Peg + Cat Video Clip: How Peg First Met Cat

Mister Rogers Talks About Adoption

Mister Rogers reads a story "No One is Exactly Like Me."


A Clip from Peg + Cat:The Claymation Problem

Here's a moment from the Emmy award-winning  Fred Rogers Company series "Peg + Cat" where creators Jennifer Oxley and Billy Aronson work in claymation to encourage young viewers to "stretch themselves" to see what they can do.

Help Odd Squad Solve "Cases" on PBSKIDS.org

Here's a fun free game on PBSKIDS.org that invites you to help solve Cases. Ms. O explains:

Happy Birthday, King Friday XIII

Since Mister Rogers provided the voice and puppetry for King Friday XIII it is rare to see them together. Here is a moment from the show when it happened.

Odd Squad Clip - Oscar Strikes Back

Odd Squad scientists attending a Lab-Con event have their minds controlled by an evil scientist. All except Oscar, who accidentally drops his mind control pin just before activation.

Peg + Cat: Video Clip -- The Bat Mitzvah Problem

Peg and Cat help Tessa’s Bat Mitzvah run smoothly by keeping an eye on Uncle Phil, who thinks he can do ten more of everything than he actually can.

Happy National Trivia Day



Can you answer these five trivia questions from The Fred Rogers Company?



A minute from Odd Squad: There Will Be Dragons

Here is a moment that illustrates the humor of the series.


Happy Birthday, Teacher Harriet

Here's a moment from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" when the class surprises Teacher Harriet on her birthday.

Happy Holidays From Our Neighborhood to Yours

Thank you for your support of our work. We currently have three programs in production for PBS KIDS: Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, PEG + CAT and Odd Squad.

Peg + Cat - The Long Line Problem

Waiting in long lines can be stressful. Whether you're shopping for the perfect holiday gift or, if you're Peg and you find yourself on the Purple Planet, waiting with your pet cat for the Yellow Store to open. Here is a musical moment from "The Long Line Problem." 

Fred Rogers Offers "Food for Thought"

With all the emphasis on food at Thanksgiving, we thought you’d appreciate seeing Mister Rogers talking about nourishment. He began with a focus on food, but then he went on to talk about other different kinds of nourishment – the kind that we all need. Happy Thanksgiving from The Fred Rogers Com

Dear Mister Rogers, What Would You Do if You Were President?

Fred Rogers received a media request to answer the following question in 50 words or less: "What would you do if you were elected President of the United States?"  Here is how he responded, followed by his original, hand-written response.

Daniel Tiger says "Thank You" to his Grandpere

Daniel Tiger tells his grandfather, Grandpere, "Thank you for being my Grandpere."  From the award-winning PBS KIDS series Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.

Teacher Harriet Helps Daniel Tiger Feel Better About Starting School

Teacher Harriet welcomes Daniel Tiger on his first visit to school.


Daniel Tiger and his Dad Take a Fall Walk Together

Here's a moment from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" when Daniel and his Dad take an autumn walk together. In the background the Mister Rogers' melody "It's You I Like" is playing.

Spotlight On: Hedda Sharapan -- Celebrating 50 Years with The Fred Rogers Company

This month, Hedda Sharapan celebrates 50 years since she began working for Fred Rogers. We asked her to reminisce about what it was like what she first applied for a job:

Spotlight on Angela C. Santomero - Creator & Executive Producer of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

How did you first get involved in children’s television?

Mister Rogers Helps Children Get Ready for School

Mister Rogers shows his television neighbor what it's like to ride a school bus and talks about when he first learned to read.

Meet Chris Loggins: Producer for The Fred Rogers Company

As a producer of Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Production Manager for Peg + Cat and Odd Squad,  Chris Loggins is responsible for coordinating the production process.

Mister Rogers Listens to Children Talk About Their First Day of School

Mister Rogers asks first-graders to talk about what happened on their first day of school.  

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, A Grr-iffic Exhibit Invites Kids to Join the Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, A Grr-iffic Exhibit, currently at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, invites children to step into the world of Daniel Tige

Daniel Helps His Baby Sister By Holding Her Hand

Here's a clip from an episode of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood at night."  Daniel Tiger holds his baby sister Margaret's hand so she is not so afraid of fireflies.

FRC Spotlight: Cindy Putman - Project Manager for WCTE Ready To Learn

Cindy Putman began as a volunteer at her PBS station, WCTE Upper Cumberland PBS in Cookeville, TN.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Encourages Outdoor Play

This summer PBS KIDS features episodes of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" that encourage families to go outside and play. The series recently won a Parents Choice Gold Award. Learn more about the program.


The Fred Rogers Company Celebrates "National Go Outside and Play Month"

Mister Rogers and Daniel Tiger Celebrate the wonders to be discovered when you go outside.

Hedda Sharapan joined The Fred Rogers Company 50 years ago

We asked Hedda Sharapan, who joined The Fred Rogers Company (then called Family Communications) in October 1966, to recount her favorite Daniel Tiger moment on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Daniel Tiger and His Dad

For Father's Day, here is a moment from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" of Daniel Tiger and his dad.

Daniel Tiger Helps his Neighbors Celebrate "Pick Strawberries Day"

Happy Pick Strawberries Day!  We offer this video clip from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood."  

Peg + Cat Love a Tree Day

To help celebrate Love A Tree Day we offer this video clip from the Emmy award winning PBS Kids series  Peg + Cat.  #bemyneighbor.

Friday the 13th, King Friday's Birthday

In a 1999 interview, Mister Rogers told us why he named his most royal puppet King Friday XIII:

Mister Rogers and Daniel Tiger Get a Shot

Mister Rogers wanted to help his television neighbors understand that getting a shot isn't as scary as they might imagine, so he took us with him to see what happens.

Fred Rogers' Invocation Address - May 17, 1992

On May 17, 1992, Fred Rogers delivered the Opening Invocation for the Commencement Ceremony at Boston University. From the audience response, it was clear to Fred that many in attendance had grown up watching the Neighborhood.

Daniel Tiger Learns Many Ways to Tell His Mom "I Love You"

Many of you will recognize the Mister Rogers tune Mom sings to Daniel in this clip from "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood" Episode titled "I Love You, Mom."


Mister Rogers Shares How His Mother Showed Love

With Mother's Day approaching, we thought you'd like to hear Mister Rogers talk about how his mother said "I love you."  His mother knitted the sweaters he wore on the program. As you can hear on this Neighborhood video, there was another, more personal reason why Fred wore those sweaters.

Mister Rogers Goes to Washington - May 1, 1969

Sunday, May 1 marked the 47th anniversary of the day Mister Rogers Went to Washington to address Congress on the need to support a then new idea -- national public television.  In 1969, the Nixon Administration had lobbied to cut funding in half.

Happy Birthday, Daniel Tiger

Even though he's known as a four-year-old on Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Daniel Tiger's lineage began 62 years ago this month when Mister Rogers first created him in April 1954 for a Pittsburgh public television s

Mister Rogers on what nourishes us...

“It's not the honors and the prizes and the fancy outsides of life which ultimately nourish our souls. It's the knowing that we can be trusted, that we never have to fear the truth, that the bedrock of our very being is good stuff.”

Be My Neighbor Day Highlights

Here are highlights from two of the four western Pennsylvania YMCAs that held  "Be My Neighbor Day" this past March 19, 2016.

A Video Tribute to Mister Rogers

To commemorate Mister Roger's birthday this Sunday, March 20th, we thought you would enjoy this video tribute  from PBS.

Mister Rogers Dog-Walking in his Neighborhood

Since today is National Walk to Work Day, we thought you might enjoy this video of Mister Rogers walking his dog around his neighborhood.

Mrs. Rogers Attends "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Live"

Yesterday, Joanne Rogers attended and said she thoroughly enjoyed the live stage production that featured the characters created by her late husband Fred Rogers for his series "Mister Rogers' Neighborhood." Afterwards, she went backstage to meet and congratulate the cast.  

Joanne Rogers Rides in Her First Parade

Joanne Rogers, wife of Fred Rogers, rode in the WPXI Holiday Parade this past weekend. She told Fred Rogers Company staff how excited she was to be a part of it all, saying, "I've never ridden in a parade before."

Five Neighborly Holiday Gift Ideas from The Fred Rogers Company

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Sweatshirt

Many Ways to Say I Love You

Francis Clemons visited The Fred Rogers Company today (10/5/15) to say hello to friends who worked with him on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Mister Rogers Message on the One-Year Anniversary of 9-11

Fred Rogers recorded this message to parents and those who care for young children on the one year anniversary of the September 11th attacks. This was one of his last recordings as he died from stomach cancer the following February.

The musical Marsalis family bring their wonderful jazz music to the Neighborhood.

Enjoy the music of Ellis Marsalis and three of his sons, Branford, Delfeayo, and Jason offer their interpretation of the Fred Rogers original composition "Sometimes Isn't Always."

Print Out ODD Squad Valentine's Day Cards

Our newest program "Odd Squad" has some brand new Valentine's Day cards. A link to the printable PDF file is below.




City Park Clean-Up a Part of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood"

Volunteers from Pittsburgh’s Center of Life held a clean-up day at Lewis Park in Pittsburgh's Hazelwood section and children nationwide will be able to see the organization’s community efforts as The Fred Rogers Company taped the event for one of the short live-action segments on its hit PBS pres

Three Emmy Awards for The Fred Rogers Company's Peg + Cat


Mister Rogers as Father and Grandfather

With Father's Day approaching, we thought it would be fun to watch two clips from Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. In the first Fred's younger son, James (Jamie) visits and helps his dad make paper hats.

Yo-Yo Ma and His Son Play Together on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

This past weekend, Famed Cellist Yo-Yo Ma received the First-Ever Fred Rogers Legacy Award at The Fred Rogers Center at St. Vincent College.  Inspired by that, and with Father's Day on the horizon, we wanted to share this sweet moment from Episode #1625 of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Dear Mister Rogers, Does it ever rain in your neighborhood?

Fred Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?" song was an invitation – an invitation to be close. To share thoughts and feelings. To talk about things that matter. That’s what he did for more than forty years on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. And in response to that invitation, we received many, many letters over the years. As Fred said ” … to me (it was) a way people have of saying, ‘Yes, I will be your neighbor…and here’s something I’d like to tell you that matters to me.”

How Mister Rogers Created Daniel Tiger

On April 5th, 1954, Daniel Tiger appeared for the first time on the first episode of "The Children's Corner." Originally, a bird was supposed to come out of the clock that was drawn on the set wall.

Dear Mister Rogers, What is Most Worth Knowing?

A 1999 Interview with Fred Rogers

Here is a clip from a 1999 interview. Fred Rogers speaks at a conference at The White House, talks about of the importance of silence and has a moving moment with a fan of his program at the end of this clip.


Dear Mister Rogers, I forgot what I was going to say...

Dear Mister Rogers, My Dog Max Died

Dear Mister Rogers...

Fred Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?" song was an invitation – an invitation to be close. To share thoughts and feelings. To talk about things that matter. That’s what he did for more than forty years on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

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