Dear Mister Rogers, What Would You Do if You Were President?

Fred Rogers received a media request to answer the following question in 50 words or less: "What would you do if you were elected President of the United States?"  Here is how he responded, followed by his original, hand-written response.

"If I had the awesome responsibility of being President, I would try to help the country and the members of Congress understand that there are proven ways of effectively helping children born to high-risk families - that early childhood care has a lasting impact on adult life."


Fred Rogers’ “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?" song was an invitation – an invitation to be close. To share thoughts and feelings. To talk about things that matter. That’s what he did for more than forty years on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. And in response to that invitation, we received many, many letters over the years. As Fred said ” … to me (it was) a way people have of saying, ‘Yes, I will be your neighbor…and here’s something I’d like to tell you that matters to me.”

The first thing he worked on when he came into the office each day was the viewer mail, and he gave his personal attention to every letter.

We hope you'll find the letters and responses enlightening and informative – and even funny or touching. You may want to forward them on to others who might learn from them as well.

This letter is from the book "Letters to Mister Rogers."


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